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Skincare Appointments

Advanced esthetic treatments like the Radio Frequency Hydra Facial and Microneedling, ensures that your skin is prepared to do the right things at the right time - whatever that may be. Healthy skin can protect itself from the environmental factors that cause premature aging. ​


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WishCraft Oil Facial Serums have an ancient skincare ingredient called helichrysum.  Helichrysum has been a restorative powerhouse used in healing skin for millennia.  WishCraft's soy candles and aromatherapy are crafted in Cottonwood Heights, Utah and ship internationally.

WishCraft SkinCare and Aromatherapy

WishCraft candles are eco-sourced and infused with positive intention. Wishcraft is an online aromatherapy and skincare store but each item I sell is made in Utah - in a magical little kitchen hidden in the Wasatch Front. 

Botanical Oil Blends

Helichrysum Skincare

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